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Professional HDMI and USB2.0 PTZ Camera – Black AT-HDVS-CAM-HDMI-BK ATLONA

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The Atlona AT-HDVS-CAM-HDMI-BK is an enterprise-grade PTZ camera designed for use in video conferencing and other applications such as lecture capture and distance learning.
It features an HDMI output, as well as a USB 2.0 interface for video and camera control. Simultaneous video output is available over both interfaces.
Through USB, the HDVS-CAM-HDMI seamlessly integrates with the Omega™ Series and AT-OME-MS42-KIT for a complete, automated conferencing system that includes AV and USB extension.
The HDMI output is ideal for use with a video conferencing codec, lecture capture appliance, or PC equipped for video capture.
The HDVS-CAM-HDMI delivers high performance, professional-quality imaging with video resolutions up to 1080p @ 60 Hz over HDMI and 1080p @ 30 Hz for USB 2.0, as well as fast and accurate auto-focusing, and a fast yet quiet pan and tilt mechanism.
Also available is H.264 or H.265 streaming over IP with support for RTMP and RTSP protocols.
This PTZ camera is ideal for a wide range of small to medium-sized meeting spaces, classrooms, training rooms, and many other environments.
The HDVS-CAM-HDMI is available in black or white.

The HDVS-CAM-HDMI is part of a family of PTZ cameras that includes the HDVS-CAM with USB 2.0 interface, as well as the HDVS-CAM-HDBT with HDBaseT output.
It includes a handheld IR remote control, plus mounting hardware for convenient on-wall installation.
Available as an option is the AT-HDVS-CAM-CMNT for inverted ceiling mounting.

Interface USB 2.0 HDMI, USB 2.0 HDBaseT (100 meters)
Maximum resolution 1080p @ 30 Hz 1080p @ 60 Hz (@ 30 Hz for USB) 1080p @ 60 Hz


• Meeting spaces and conference rooms – The HDVS-CAM-HDMI works together with the USB extension capability of the Omega Series devices to enable simple, clean connectivity from the front wall to the meeting table. At the same time, the HDMI output can be used for monitoring on a secondary display.
• Classrooms and other instructional spaces – The HDVS-CAM-HDMI is ideal for distance learning and collaboration, as well as recording lectures. The HDMI and USB interfaces can be used simultaneously for conferencing and lecture capture applications.
• Legacy video conferencing systems – This camera can provide an effective upgrade to existing codecs, by delivering high quality imaging performance over HDMI. The HDVS-CAM-HDMI also brings software video conferencing capability via USB.

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