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Velocity Premier Services, Remote Gateway tier 3, one year license for VGW-HW-20, VGW-SW AT-VPS-RG-T3 ATLONA

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The Atlona Velocity™ Premier Services – Remote Gateway (AT-VPS-RG), is a powerful online resource that allows dealers and AV / IT technology managers to access a Velocity hardware or software gateway over the internet for remote configuration, management, and control.
Using patent-pending cloud technology, servers establish a secure proxy connection with the gateway and create exclusive links for direct access.
Remote access to the gateway creates an opportunity to provide enhanced support and customer service by allowing system and device configuration, troubleshooting, credential and firmware updates, and more from any device with a browser and internet connection.
The online dashboard provides centralized access for managing multiple gateways as well as storage of system backups in the cloud.

VPS-RG also supports BYOD control of AV systems over the same connection.
Users scan the control QR code for the room and can control the AV system using the internet access on their device.
This benefits IT administrators since they do not have to provide BYOD control users with access to the AV LAN.

VPS-RG is available in three annual licensing levels designed to match the processing and data requirements of specific Velocity gateways.
See the table below to determine which license is appropriate for your gateway.
A VPS-RG license is required for every gateway needing remote access.

Velocity Product AT-VPS-RG-T1 AT-VPS-RG-T2 AT-VPS-RG-T3


• Resellers / Integrators – Remotely manage gateways for clients without having to access their network.
• IT / AV Technology Managers – Remote gateway management for commercial or educational institutions with geographically separated buildings, sites, or campuses.

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